Fitcation 2012 – Hula Hoops, Yoga and Belly Dancing, Oh My!

Have you been keeping up with my adventure in L.A.?  Check out my first and second posts.  You won’t be sorry!


Have you ever hula hooped?  As a kid?  That was the last time I’ve tried it too.  So waking up for my second workout and it being hula hooping – well, I was excited!  Of course, getting out of bed was a challenge as I was super sore from boot camp from the day before.


I think everyone was really excited to hula hoop with Hoopnotica.  They provided all of us with these crazy cool travel hoops which are put together in less than a minute.  After a brief warm up, the chaos began.  I don’t remember it being so hard as a kid but man, it was a definite workout.  I was able to get the hoop up once.  Yes.  Just once.  The instructor was gorgeous and graceful.  I was not.  But I had so much fun trying.

After a quick break, we all met for our exciting bus tour of L.A.  I am a tour dork so I was pretty excited to see the sights.  Hollywood, Beverly Hills and everything in between.   We had lunch at In-N-Out burger (the one Hilary Swank was pictured eating in after the Oscars or so I read) and OMG, it was so good.


The tour ended at Marakesh, a Moroccan restaurant.  I’ve never had Moroccan food and it was delicious!  There was food, wine and belly dancing.  It was a good time had by all.

belly dancing, Marakesh

I promise, I never dance. So this photo is super rare. Learning to belly dance at Marakesh Restaurant. Photo credit: Lolo @Mybaybah

I am pretty sure I fell right asleep when my head hit the pillow that night.

After an amazing night in the most amazing bed, waking up for yoga was hard.  But I was looking forward to stretching out my oh so sore muscles.  Yoga with Kia was auh-mazing!  Definitely my favorite part of Fitcation.  She is so calming and so relaxing.  Yoga was just what I needed (and everything I wanted) on my last morning with my Mamavation friends.

The most amazing yoga teacher, Kia! Photo credit: Alysa @inspiredRD

L.A. was so much fun!!  Would I go and do it again next year??  In a heartbeat!  It was really great to meet all of these ladies who I speak with every day and hug them.

And check out the swag!  I had to bring an extra bag to fit all of that in and it barely made it.  48 lbs total just for that one bag.  My kids had such a great time going through everything when I got home too.

Check out all of this swag!! Photo credit: Alysa @inspiredRD

Thank you Leah and Mark for being gracious hosts.  And to our sponsors for being ridiculously supportive of all of us.

Bookieboo and Mrbookieboo. Photo credit: Alysa @InspiredRD

See you next year, L.A!

Fitcation was sponsored by Dole, Four Seasons Westlake Village, the California Health and Longevity Institute, Sip the Good Life, New Balance, Subway and Leading Lady Bras.  These sponsors provided the attendees with lodging, meals, activities and product during the event.  As an attendee, I was asked to give my honest opinion and all opinions are 100% my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of these organizations.


5 thoughts on “Fitcation 2012 – Hula Hoops, Yoga and Belly Dancing, Oh My!

  1. My daughter takes an exercise hula hoop class & loves it. Her hula hoop is weighted. I tried it & couldn’t make it stay up. Maybe after a few more pounds lose and I can do it. Bridgette

  2. I described our hula hooping workout as being similar to drinking a frou frou beverage that you don’t realize has alcohol in it… 🙂 It was so much fun, it didn’t feel like a workout until it hit me later with sore muscles!
    It was so great to see you at Fitcation!!

  3. I love hula hooping! I bought one of those “professional” hula hoops about a year ago and I forget that I am working out b/c it is so much fun! That and brilliant yoga rock. Congrats on your fitcation, what a fabulous way to get fit and have fun. Cheers!

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