Shriner’s Hospitals For Children

I’ve been very busy this past week or two.

Besides my two kids starting school, trying to get back into a school schedule plus football practice and now cross country…I’ve also been spending most of my free time at Shriner’s Hospital.  Shelloy’s son had surgery and has been in the hospital for the week and I have been here as much as possible to offer my support not only to Poedee but to Shelloy and her husband too.

I’ve actually never been to Shriners and I have to tell you, I am quite impressed.


The nurses are amazing!  The CNA’s are sweet and helpful.  Everyone is cheery and super informative.  I’ve only been here to meet the anesthesiologist and while I am sure he is super busy with other patients and other surgeries, he make sure to come in and inquire about Poedee and how he is doing and explains to Shelloy and Nathan just what is going to happen that day.

Since I didn’t know too much about Shriners as a company, I spent some time on their website.  For me, the biggest surprise was that Shriners Hospital in Spokane helps kids from Canada, Alaska, Montana, North Idaho and Mexico in a kid friendly environment regardless of the family’s inability to pay.

At Shriners Hospitals for Children® — Spokane, we deliver the highest quality of care to children with a host of orthopaedic and neuromusculoskeletal disorders and diseases. Our hospital is light-filled, colorful and designed to put children and families at ease. Every member of our staff, from surgeons to therapists, nurses to orthotists, is focused on providing the highest quality care that puts the family at the center of the team.

Another fun fact?  Shelloy was a Shriners kid too.  She had to wear a back brace and then had back surgery in the summer of 1989.  She would travel from Montana by bus (by herself, mind you.  It was a different world back then.) and come to visit her doctor here at Shriners.  And now her son is here….and believe it or not, there are some of the same nurses here from when Shelloy stayed here.

Today was the first day I was able to check out the rec center which has all kinds of stuff available for the kiddos – TV, games, toys, books, movies, dollhouses.  Also, right off the center is a garden and playground.

They grown tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, herbs and all sorts of flowers.  There is the most adorable handicap accessible playhouse and a cute walking path.  There are tables and wooden chairs.  And there is a big play area and even a basketball hoop.  I can imagine on nice days that there are kids who love to play out there.

A big THANK YOU to all of the nurses and staff who took care of my precious Poedee during his stay.

If you are interested in supporting your local Shriners, check out their fundraising page.

Until next time….


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