Mamavation Monday – Time To Refocus

Life has been busy.

I feel like I’ve been pulled in 100 different places.  And while it is slowly slowing down and I am starting to fall into a schedule and rhythm, I am still trying to get caught up.  Weight loss and my journey is something that I am still trying to “catch” up on.

I am still losing…barely…but I am still negative on the scale.  This week makes -4.2 lbs since starting the pre-graduate campaign.

Another .2 down.

To be honest, weight loss has been way down the list for me.  I am still trying to eat well.  I still really, really love my veggies and I am trying to stay away from my triggers – fried, fast, sugary foods.  I’ve had too many Starbucks mochas and too many handfuls of Chex mix at football practice.  Putting myself last is a comfortable place for me…’s what I’ve done since I got married, had kids, became a stay-at-home-mom.  It’s what I do and what I am good at.

I need to get back to my goals and taking some time out for me.

And I need to exercise and stop making excuses.

My goals this week:

  • Eat according to my meal plan.
  • EXERCISE!  Something…..every day.  No excuses!!
  • Drink all of my water – 100 oz a day.

Easy enough right?

I made a meal plan and the good news is that my BFF is following the same meal plan.  Our reasons are different – I need to stick to my plan to eat right.  She wants to cook and eat real meals with her husband every night.  No matter what her goals are, it makes me so happy to have someone who is going to eat like I do (mostly) and someone to keep me accountable.

So what are your goals this week?  Check back next week to see how I did.

Until next time…..


4 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday – Time To Refocus

  1. One silly (but effective!) way I motivate myself to exercise is to give myself a star sticker (like teachers give out) on my calendar. So many times when I didn’t want to exercise, I wanted that star enough to get over the initial reluctance! There is such a feeling of pride and accomplishment to look back at all of those stars.

    Way to go on your progress and I’m so glad your BFF is buddying up with you on your meal planning!

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