Mamavation Monday – Back To Basics

I had a bad week.  With eating, with being active.  I am completely shut down this week for no reason, really.

And that is why the scale looks like this:

That folks is a gain – +1.4 lbs

But the good news is…..I started P90X today and have a commitment!  After 90 days, if I finish the program, I am going to treat myself to a spa day.  And darn it – I need that spa day!!!!  So I am determined.  🙂

The meal plan with my BFF is still going and we have planned up through next week.  Curious what we are eating?

  • Sunday – turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes (made with broth) and green beans
  • Monday – (football practice day)  spaghetti with meat sauce (I am eating tofu noodles with mine) and whole wheat garlic bread
  • Tuesday – (cross-country meet) mini taco cups, mexi-tots
  • Wednesday – (football practice day) crockpot whole chicken, mac n cheese for the kids, veggies (extra for me)
  • Thursday – (football practice day)  crockpot lasagna
  • Friday – going out for my son’s birthday – a buffet.  This was his choice.  I will be hanging out at the salad bar, I think.
  • Saturday – stuffed shells (although I am not sure what I will be stuffing them with)
  • Sunday – my son’s birthday party!  It’s a football theme so we’ll be having tailgating foods.  Moderation right?
  • Monday – soup and sandwich
  • Tuesday – going out to eat
  • Wednesday – spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs
  • Thursday – cheeseburger pasta
  • Friday – pizza rolls
  • Saturday – glazed pork chops, baked potato, roasted cauliflower

It’s all real food that I cook to fit to my needs.  That is how I love to eat.

Let’s hope it helps that scale look better next time.  🙂

Do you meal plan?

Until next time….


2 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday – Back To Basics

  1. You are doing the right thing. Meal planning is unique to each individual, and has to remain as independent of social pressure as possible.
    I schedule meals so that the big meal is either breakfast OR lunch. Supper has to be small, so that my body can do what it needs to do in order to attain the desired weight goal.

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