The Perfect Football Birthday Party

For weeks I have been trying to plan the perfect 10th birthday party for my son (or Booby Boo, as you all know him now).  I’ve been stressed out, baking like a maniac, planning, writing lists, making invitations.  My son does not get a big birthday party every year so I wanted this one to be memorable.

I think I succeeded.

Let me tell you, planning a birthday party for 20+ kids is time-consuming and stressful.  But the payoff is more than worth it.  When I see pictures of my Booby Boo with this smile on his face, I forget all of the trouble.

birthday party, lilac city momma      football birthday party

The theme was football, which should be no surprise to those who know my family personally.   Pinterest was a great source for inspiration, recipes, games and decoration ideas.   My Dad was a great help!  We held the party at his house because he has an amazing backyard and he was MORE than helpful with ideas (it was his idea to spray paint the grass into a football field, which was a huge hit with the kids and parents).  So thank you Dad!!!!

father-daughter, football birthday party

We had tailgating foods (chili, lil’ smokies in BBQ sauce, veggies, chips and dip).  I made football brownies and homemade football cupcakes with Oreo cookie truffles.

football birthday party

There were also games.  The kids played pin the football on the 50 yard line, a football obstacle course and a football throwing contest.

football birthday party

And of course…..the kids played football.  Lots of football.

football birthday party

I really need to thank my BFF, Shelloy, for being my helper and my support.  My Dad for being amazing.  Hanan (Lilac City Momma) for taking some amazing pictures.  My Hubby,  sister-in-law Katie and my Mom for helping me throughout the day.  I had a lot of support and that is part of the reason why it was a success.

Are you planning a birthday party?  What resources do you use to help you plan?

I’ve got another birthday coming up in a month….a Hello Kitty craft party.  So look for that post in November.

Until next time…..


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Football Birthday Party

  1. What a great party! All the kids looked to be enjoying themselves, especially the Birthday Boy! Happy Two Digits to Booby-Boo!!!

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