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The New Love Of My Life

The New Love Of My Life

And he is gorgeous! Yup – that is my new lover.  His full name is EVO 4G LTE but I just call him EVO. He must really love me too because he does all sorts of things for me.  And he gives me free things – like free apps and stuff. He’s pretty nice…and so … Continue reading

Mamavation Monday

Spring has finally arrived in Spokane.  The weather is in the high 70’s today, the birds are out, people are cutting grass and gardening.  The kiddos want to finally spend more time outside.  More time outside means more active days and I am good with that.  J I wasn’t able to weigh in last week … Continue reading

Drop Your Wisdom Here!

Hey everyone! I want to write more often in here so I guess I will start now. I’m having a rough morning.  I know there are many factors as to why.  One of them is that I am so far off any sort of fitness routine that it’s pretty sad. I’m upset with myself.  For … Continue reading

Life After A Mamavation Mom Campaign

Hey everyone! Wow – it feels weird writing this for my own personal blog.  It’s been awhile.  🙂 My Mamavation Mom campaign has been over for a week or so now.  My last “official” weigh in was last Sunday.  Honestly, it has been a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I initially thought … Continue reading

Mamavation Monday on a Tuesday!

Hello Monday….errrrr…..Tuesday. How did this week get away from me??? It’s been a whirlwind!  Between normal life and Mamavation life, it’s been craziness!!  But let’s start with some numbers. Weight:  260.4 (-.6)Waist:  43 (-0)Hips:  49 (-2)Bust:  45 (-0 – side note:  my husband is happy about this. LOL)Right arm:  15 (-0)Left arm:  15 (-1)Right thigh:  … Continue reading

Mamavation Monday

Hello everyone! Whew – what a day!  It’s 11pm on Monday and I am just able to get to it.  The big news – my weigh in was AWESOME!!!!!  Here are my numbers this week: Weight:  261.0 (-3.8 lbs)Waist: 43 (-1)Hips: 51 (-1.5)Bust: 45 (-1)Lt arm: 16 (+.5)Rt arm: 15 (-1)Lt thigh: 26 (-1.5)Rt thigh: … Continue reading

Mamavation Monday

Hello Monday!!!! And hello Mamavation! Wow – I honestly didn’t think I would get a minute to sit down and write this post.  I was going to write it yesterday but I wanted to put my official stats in and I weigh and measure on Mondays. I am owning my scale number because I KNOW … Continue reading

Day 29 – Your Aspirations

Well, it’s about time I get this challenge done so I can start another one that will take me a year to finish.  LOL My Aspirations When I was 18, I had many.  To be a teacher, to be a mother, to get married when I was 42, to be thin, etc etc. Now that … Continue reading

Tackle It Tuesday: Clean Home Challenge

It’s been a while….but I am back!  What made me come out of my blogging funk??  This challenge: The 52 Week Clean House Challenge is a chance for all of us to declutter, organize and create little pockets of yay in our homes. Each week will be a new challenge and a new corner of … Continue reading

I Wanna Be A Mamavation Mom

I don’t think I have made it a secret that I am interested in being a Mamavation Mom.  I am so excited that campaign 11 is finally here and I have the chance to get out there and show you all that I am worthy of the Mamavation Mom title. Today I uploaded my application … Continue reading

Mamavation Monday

Hello Monday!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was fantastic!  We have a New Year’s Eve tradition of staying home, inviting over my niece and nephew and my BFF and her family and we eat, play games and have a good time.  This year was no different – it was so fun and … Continue reading

Mamavation Monday

Hi all!! While I can’t claim to have had a better week, I can claim this: -2.4 lbs and -4 inches Woo!  Just from doing the #2weekchallenge!!!  Thank you Mark for urging me on because without those reminder tweets, I honestly don’t know if I would have gotten my butt up to do it. Nutrition:  … Continue reading

Mamavation Monday

So, this post isn’t happy go lucky – I have no silver lining attitude today.  So I will keep it short and to the point because even my attitude is annoying me.  🙂 Nutrition:  I’ve gained.  I’ve been eating decently.  Yes, there have been some bad meals but 90% of the time, I eat within … Continue reading