The Not So Newlywed Game

My husband, Dereck, is a slacker.

Yeah, that’s right.  I said it.


I had this great idea to get him posting on his blog, A Wealth Of Useless Information, because he is a wonderful writer and I think everyone needs to read his stuff.  The first week went great, I did awesome for week 2 (by myself…..) and then week 3…well…

So let’s pretend today is Friday and I am just posting this Couple Post.

The Newlywed Game

You know how this works, right?  Questions are asked and I try to answer based on what I think Dereck will say.

I took the questions from this awesome site –

Here we go.

  1. What would your husband say is your favorite outfit?  My yoga pants and a t-shirt.
  2. What percentage of the housework would your husband say he does?  80%
  3. If your husband could be married to a movie star who would he choose?  Halle Berry
  4. Ladies what one article of clothing does your husband wear that you just can’t stand?  I guess his PJ’s.
  5. What does your Husband eat on his hotdog?  Nothing, he doesn’t eat hot dogs.
  6. Does your husband know more about Gilligan’s Island, Treasure Island, or Three Mile Island?  Gilligan’s Island
  7. Ladies when you first met your husband, what will he say was the one thing which first caught his attention about you?  My smile.
  8. For the wife: Is your car rear, front, or all-wheel drive?  Front wheel drive
  9. Ladies who initiated your first kiss?  I think it was mutual.
  10. How does your husband like his coffee?  Sugar and cream with a bit of coffee.
  11. If your husband died and came back as a dog, what breed would he be? Chihuahua, Russell Terrier, Poodle, or Bull dog?  Bulldog

So there we go.  That was actually harder than I thought it would be.

You’ll have to watch Dereck’s blog, A Wealth Of Useless Information, for his set of questions.  And I will update here or have him post his real answers in the comments.  Either way, eventually you will know just how right I was.  🙂

Until next time….


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